Introduction to Photography Workshop – Summary


by Alice, Grade 9

On Saturday, March 15, 9 students joined us at Whittier High School for a half-day, “Introduction to Photography” workshop taught by Jordan Nakamura. Our first exercise was to  upload photographs so to that end, we had everyone send in a new or previously taken selfie.

AlegraHannahAnthonyMike Liaw

The first portion of the workshop included a discussion on how a photograph tells stories. Some work by professional photographers we looked at:

from “Kosovo” by Andrew Querner

“Audience 7” by Thomas Struth

“Gypsy Camp” by Mary Ellen Mark

We learned to use words like lines, frames, focus, lighting, and character to talk about what stories the photographs might be telling.


Jane (Artforms), Alejandra, Bianca, Anthony. Our filmers (Amadeo and Sammy) in the background


Davina, Hannah, Alegra, Melanie, Irann, Alice, Jordan (instructor)

Then, we took the the campus to take our own pictures. We projected the photographs and talked about the story we thought the photograph was telling. Here are some of what caught our students’ eyes.

Frames, lines, lighting, perspective…

Alice, Grade 9

Lighting, shadows, symbols (trash can vs house)…

Alegra, Grade 10

Triangles, horizontal lines, building up (or tearing down?)…


Light, shadow, perspective…

Hannah 1


Color, frame, character…

Melanie, Grade 9

Line, texture, color, shapes…

Bianca 1

Bianca, Grade 10

Then lunch and getting to know each other:

IMG_20140315_121642_233 IMG_20140315_121648_359 IMG_20140315_121654_381

For the second portion of the workshop, we learned about colors and objects and how a photographer might pay attention to these things in his/her work. Some photographs we looked at:

from “The Quest for the Man on the White Donkey” by Yaakov Israel

“Blue Spring” by Lieko Shiga

By Viviane Sassen

Then a second round of picture-taking and projecting and discussing. Here are some of what the students’ paid attention to:

Lighting, color, lines and angles, tone…

Anthony 2

Anthony, Grade 10

Color, texture, shadow, frame…

Irann 2

Irann, Grade 9

Light, perspective…

Alegra 2

Alegra, Grade 10

Color, reflections, lines, texture…

Alejandra 2


Shadow, color, angles, tone…

Melanie 2

Melanie, Grade 9

Color, shadow, closeup…

Davina 2

Davina, Grade 11

We concluded the day by having the students take a selfie with the various elements of photography they had learned in mind. Here are some before and after:

Irann –

Irann       Irann 3

Bianca –

Bianca      Bianca 3

Alice –

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset      Alicia 3

Davina –

DavinaDavina 3

And thanks to our instructor Jordan Nakamura!


Jordan Nakamura

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