[Recap] “Everyday Sculpture” workshop on 04/05/14

Flowerbed: Before-After

On Saturday, April 5th, 4 students joined us at Whittier High School for a half-day, “Everyday Sculpture” workshop taught by Jane Gillespie Pryor. The aim of the workshop was to introduce the students to ways of seeing common, everyday objects as material which were separate, at times, from their functions.

During the first half of workshop, we discussed the work of Tom Friedman, which included a starburst made of toothpicks,

Tom Friedman: Toothpick Starburst

Tom Friedman Untitled 1995 Toothpicks 66 x 76.2 x 58.4 cm 26 x 30 x 23″

and a self-portrait made of sugar cubes:

Tom Friedman; suger cube self-portrait

Tom Friedman, Untitled, 1999; Sugar cubes; 48 x 17 x 10 inches; A self-portrait made from sugar cube

Then we made a paper replica of our shoes.


Andrea, Jane, sculpture

Andrea and Jane Pryor

Claudio, Jon Pryor, Sculpture

Claudio and Jon Pryor

Neeran, Alice, Sculpture

Neeran and Alice

with construction paper, cardboard box paper, thin legal pad paper, etc….


Alice, shoe-in-progress P1010107


P1010086 P1010103

Jon Pryor

P1010087 P1010100


P1010088 P1010097

Claudio P1010090    Jane Jane Pryor, Shoe


After lunch, we discussed the work of Andy Goldsworthy, who used only objects found in nature as material for this art pieces. These include a sculpture made of leaves:

And Goldsworthy; Rowan leaves

Andy Goldsworthy; Rowan leaves laid around a hole

and one made of twigs (1:36):

We then set out to make our own sculpture out of natural materials and installed them outside.

Collecting Material

Collecting Material

Alice, Andrea, Neeran: Star

Alice, Andrea, Neeran: Star


Alice: Flowerbed

Alice: Flowerbed

Mike Liaw, Jacaranda

Mike Liaw, Jacaranda

We also had discussed the ephemeral nature of Goldsworthy’s work, and so we asked the students to take a picture of their artwork on Monday to see how the work changed. Here’s one before and after:

Star: Before-After

Star: Before-After


Thanks to our instructor, Jane Gillespie Pryor!

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