Narrative Description

Our dedication to the arts has led us to believe that creativity in the mind of our youth is beneficial in their development into adulthood. This realization has compelled Artforms Whittier to inspire the community with a sense of unity through creativity. Art Forms Whittier is an organization which engages the community through dialogue in the arts, empowers young people to express themselves, and equips them to create compelling works of art.

Headquartered in Whittier, California, ArtForms is a place of resource, instruction and mentorship. Our programs include art classes in both the classical and contemporary disciplines according to available instructors and participant interest. For example, we may offer chamber orchestra mentorship as well as spoken-word sessions according to our assessment of needs and interests and the availability of highly qualified instructors in those fields. In the beginning we will offer programs to Whittier’s junior high school and high school students during their after-school hours and summers. We will draw our instructors and mentors from Whittier and the nearby Los Angeles area. 

We will empower our participants by offering entry-level studio art sessions, free of charge. These sessions will allow and encourage the participants to express themselves creatively. We will also offer medium- and advanced-level art sessions, focusing on technical and conceptual development, as well as providing exhibition space for showcasing their work. In these studio classes and within our exhibition space, our highest priority will be providing a safe space for creative expression, relationship building and creative problem solving, which are foundational skills for numerous vocational pursuits. 

Consistent with our mission, ArtForms desires to engage the community by hosting professional artists to lecture, visit with the youth, and exhibit and sell their artworks in our in house gallery space, which would be open to the public. Other programs will include field trips to museums, performances, and other art related events throughout Los Angeles. We also expect to offer an art camp/festival, which introduces participants to new mediums for creative expression and culminates in a weekend festival showcasing their work. Our desire is to engage participants at the junior-high and high-school level through exposure to many types of art and artists.

In the future we hope to offer community art projects that will invite public participation in the creation of artwork as well as public appreciation of and reflection on the city in which they live. A future goal would also be to have a performance space, bringing foot traffic to the Uptown shops and restaurants. (If these future goals ever come to fruition, we realize we would need to obtain the proper conditional use permit at that time.) 

ArtForms is a place that connects people: we connect artists with young people with communities.  Our dedication to inspire the youth in the Whittier community will help establish a more creative generation that will benefit the city both socially and economically.


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